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Live Performance with Eden Sekulovic

Eden Sekulović - Cellist, Musical Artist

Eden Sekulović is a London-born cellist of Montenegrin and Ethiopian heritage whose artistic journey began at the age of six at the “Andre Navarra” music school in Podgorica. A Master’s graduate from the Zurich University of the Arts, Eden has cultivated her craft under the mentorship of esteemed cellists like Troels Svane and Bernard Haitink. A seasoned performer, she has illuminated stages at numerous international festivals and competitions, delivering captivating solo and chamber music performances. 

Talk in the Park - with Sinzo Aanza and Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock

Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock - Curator for The Uninterrupted Song for the City

Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock is co-executive managing director at S A V V Y Contemporary Berlin and is part of the participatory archive project Colonial Neighbours. She received her MA in Postcolonial Cultures and Global Policy at Goldsmiths University of London and moved to Berlin in 2013. In her work within the permanent collection of SAVVY Contemporary she looks for colonial traces that are manifested in our present.

Live Performance with Vincent Glanzmann

Vincent Glanzmann with drum set

Vincent Glanzmann - Soundartist, Drummer, Composer

Vincent Glanzmann, born in 1983 in Tokyo, anchored in Zürich, Switzerland, is a creative force in the international music scene. As a drummer and sound artist, Glanzmann is known for his inventive approaches, melding unique preparations with alternative techniques, and his innate ability to communicate through his music. His work is characterized by a playful curiosity and a rich palette of collaborations, reaching across disciplines such as contemporary music, visual arts, and dance.

Live Performance with Rokia Bamba

Rokia Bamba - DJ, Sound Explorer & Artivist

Brussels-based Rokia Bamba realized only belatedly that she wasn’t only a good radio DJ – she has been since the age of twelve, for Radio Campus among others – but that she could also make people dance. She particularly likes to mix at socially engaged parties. Expect groovy hip-hop, African rhythms, house and techno.

Her sound exploration has also deepened through art and theater. She draws her inspiration from sound archives and immerses visitors / spectators in an unexpected sensory experience.

Rokia Bambas Guerilla Club

promotional poster for rokia bamba's guerilla club at umbo

Rokia Bamba (DJ), Huguette Tolinga (Percussion), Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock (DJ), Jere Ikongio (DJ), Eden Sekulović (Cello), Vincent Glanzmann (Drums)

Live Performance with Valentine Michaud

Valentine Michaud - Saxophonist

Valentine Michaud is a saxophonist of extraordinary depth and versatility, with a technique that perfectly blends musical finesse and compelling artistry. A recipient of numerous awards, including the Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes (2017), and Jurjans Andrejs VI Woodwind International Competition, in 2020 Valentine was the first wind player to be awarded the prestigious Credit Suisse Young Artist Award.

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